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Pneumatic Automatic Carton Sealer Tapping Machine

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Pneumatic Automatic Carton Sealer Tapping Machine

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Automatic Caron Sealer Machine that function pneumatically are frequently employed in several sectors to seal boxes of various sizes and forms. A top-of-the-line machine made to boost productivity and efficiency is the Model SPS-102. Let's examine its specifications in more detail.

First of all, the device is pneumatically operated, which means that compressed air is used to power it. It is energy-efficient because it operates at 220/50 Hz and 220W of power.

The machine can handle cartons up to a maximum size of 500mm x 500mm x 500mm (L x W x H), and a minimum size of 180mm x 100mm x 100mm (L x W x H). This indicates that the device can seal cartons of various sizes and shapes.

The table is 600 mm x 780 mm in height, making it convenient for the operator to operate. The machine weighs 150kg and measures 1970mm x 660mm x (1280-1460)mm (L x W x H). The air compressor that comes with the machine has a capacity of 2/3 litres of air at 5 bars, which is sufficient to run the machine.

Overall, any business trying to boost productivity and efficiency would do well to invest in the Model SPS-102 Pneumatic Operated Automatic Tapping Machine. It is the perfect equipment for a variety of sectors due to its adaptability in handling various carton sizes and its use of different adhesive tapes.

Specification Value
Model No. SPS-102, Pneumatic Operated Automatic machine
Voltage (V/Hz 220/50
Maximum Carton Size 500*500 mm
Minimum Carton Size 180*100 mm
Sealing speed (m/min.) 24
Available Adhesive Tape BOPP, Water – Free Adhesive Tape, PVC Adhesive Tape
Height of Table (mm) 600*780
Size (L*W*H) mm 1970*660*(1280-1460)
Weight (Kg) 150 kg

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