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Skin Packing Machine Houlion Tb 390

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Skin Packing Machine Houlion Tb 390

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The Houlion TB-390 is a top-notch skin packaging machine intended for using PVC skin film to package a variety of products. This machine is perfect for heavy-duty tasks thanks to its robust 7.5 kW motor and 20 m3/h pump capacity.

The TB-390 type has a sizable packager area, measuring 540*390mm, which can hold goods of all shapes and sizes. It can easily handle huge products thanks to its 450mm film width. The machine may be used in a variety of places thanks to its power supply, which is 380-415V 50-60Hz 3phs.

This skin packing machine is built for maximum effectiveness and performance, offering a dependable and affordable packaging solution. It is simple to transport and fits in small areas because to its small size and 900701050mm dimensions.

High-quality components, including an ABS body, were used in the construction of the TB-390 to ensure its sturdiness and longevity. Due to its 180 kg loading capacity, this machine is ideal for packaging goods for the hardware, electronics, and other industries.

Overall, the Houlion TB-390 is a top-performing skin packing device that offers exceptional packaging quality, velocity, and effectiveness. This machine is certain to satisfy your needs and go above and beyond your expectations, whether you need to package tiny or large products.

Specification Value
Model TB-390
Power supply 380-415V 50-60Hz 3phs
Power 7.5kw
Area of packager 540*390mm
Pump capacity 20m3/h
Packing material PVC skin film
Film width 450mm
Machine size 900*70*1050mm

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