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Small Box Carton Sealer Machine

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Small Box Carton Sealer Machine

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A range of sectors that demand dependable and effective box sealing depend on small box Tapping Machine . A high-quality tape sealing machine made specifically for small and medium-sized organisations is the 611-TB side belt drive machine. For those who need to seal boxes swiftly and precisely, it is a great solution.

The device offers several features that make it a popular option for enterprises. It can seal boxes that are as small as 160 X 125 X 95 and as large as 270 X 170 X 150. Tape widths of 2 inches or, alternatively, 3 inches might be used for sealing. The machine can seal boxes since its sealing speed is 10 metres per minute.

This machine is appropriate for industrial application because it has a three-phase power supply. Businesses who have a huge volume of boxes to seal quickly should use this machine. The side belt drive system guarantees a clean and polished finish to the package by keeping the box firmly in place during the sealing procedure.

Overall, the 611-TB small box tapping machine is a dependable and effective option for companies that must rapidly and precisely seal boxes. Businesses wishing to enhance their packaging procedures will find it to be a great investment due to its high quality build and variety of functions.

Specification Value
Model No. 611-TB for Side Belt Drive Machine
Box size Minimum 160 X 125X 95
Box size Maximum 270X170X150
Tape Width 2’’ (3’’) optional
Sealing speed 10Mtr/ Min
Power Supply 3 Phase

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