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Aluminum Vial Crimping Machine

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Aluminum Vial Crimping Machine

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An aluminum vial crimping machine is the most suitable tool to secure aluminum caps on glass or aluminum vials. The main body of this handheld vial capper is coated with zinc to prevent corrosion. Aluminum vial crimping machine finds applications in pharmaceutical industries, schools, laboratories, food and packaging industries.

1. It provides an output of approximately 1200-2500 bottles per hour. 2. It can be used to crimp 20mm flip-off aluminum caps. 3. The jaws provide sufficient hardness to ensure tight sealing of the flip-off caps on vials. 4. It has a long handle design for an effortless operation. 5. It can be used for sealing caps on various types of oral liquids, bottles, etc. 6. It has a robust structure and is wear-resistant.

Specification Value
Coated Zinc
Weight 250 g
Use For Sealing Aluminum Cap

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