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Auger Filling Machine

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The auger filler machine is a cutting-edge packaging device created for accurate and effective filling of numerous product types. Due to the machine's high-quality stainless steel construction, cleaning is simple and maintenance-free. It can be used in a variety of industries, including food, medicine, and nutraceuticals, and runs on a 220V input voltage.

A dependable and precise approach, the auger Filling Machine makes sure the product is consistently filled to the right weight. This makes it the perfect option for filling goods like spices, atta (items made from flour), milk powder, nutraceuticals, coffee powder, premixes, and instant mixes. The auger filling machine's simple calibration procedure, which makes sure the equipment is always accurate and consistent, is one of its important benefits. A simple mode selection system built into the machine enables quick and simple adjustments to the filling parameters.

For a smooth and effective manufacturing process, the auger filler machine can also be linked with an automatic packing line. A clean and hygienic production environment is maintained by the machine's anti-dusting technology, which helps to reduce dust emissions.

The auger filler machine is a crucial piece of equipment for any company that has to accurately and effectively fill a variety of items. It is a dependable and economical option that aids in raising productivity and cutting waste.

Specification Value
Machine Type Automatic
Material Stainless Steel
Input Voltage 220 V
220 V Spices, Atta (Flour Products), Milk Powder, Nutraceuticals, Coffee Powder, Premixes, Instant Mixes
Filling Method Auger Filler,
Feature Easy Calibration, Easy Mode Selection, Integration To Automatic Packaging Line, Anti Dusting Technol

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