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Bag Closing Machine With Conveyor

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Bag Closing Machine With Conveyor

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A smart pack Bag Closer Machine with a conveyor is an integral piece of equipment used in a production line to seal bags. This machine is built to provide efficient and dependable performance, making it an excellent investment for companies trying to improve their manufacturing processes. Let's take a deeper look at the features of this specific bag closer machine.

Number of Needles: The bag closing stitch is created by this machine using a single needle. This machine is commonly used to stitch bags made of light to medium weight materials.

Needle Size: The machine employs Organ DRX2-26 needles, a well-known and reputable brand in the sewing business. These needles are well-known for their endurance and were created specifically for bag sewing applications.

Seam: This machine produces a two-thread, single chain-stitch seam. Because it is strong and durable, this stitch is commonly used in bag sewing applications.

Thread: Depending on the needs of the bag being sealed, the machine can utilise cotton or synthetic thread. Both types of thread are strong and long-lasting.

Bag Stitching Speed: With a stitching speed of 500 to 600 bags per hour, this machine is perfect for organisations with moderate to high production volumes.

Machine Weight: This machine requires a 500W, three-phase electric motor to function properly. Because the power requirement is so low, it is an energy-efficient option.

Lubrication: The machine has a manual oil feed for internal oiling lines, which ensures that the machine's moving parts are properly lubricated at all times. This helps to reduce machine wear and tear and extend its lifespan.

Machine Weight: At 40 kgs, this machine is relatively light and easy to move about as needed.

A smart pack bag closer machine with a conveyor is an excellent investment for businesses involved in bag sealing and production. With its reliable performance, efficient operation, and durable construction, this machine can help to streamline production processes and improve the quality of the bags being sealed.

Specification Value
NEEDLE SIZE DRX2 - 26 (Organ)
SEAM Two thread, single chain-stitch seam
THREAD Cotton or Synthetics
BAG STITCHING SPEED 500 - 600 Bags per hour
POWER REQUIRED 500W, 3 Phase electric motor
LUBRICATION 500W, 3 Phase electric motor

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