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Blister Shrink Packing Machine

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Blister Shrink Packing Machine

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An electromagnetic machine with both stationary and moving parts is a blister packaging machine. These components aid in sealing products inside of pre-formed cavities and packaging them.


Based on how each type operates, blister packaging machines are split into three categories:

packing for blisters that roll up

packaging with roller plate blisters

packing in flat plate blisters

The basic operation of any blister packaging machine is the same, regardless of kind.


The three steps of operation for the blister packing machine are shaping, sealing, and finally perforating and cutting.


Thermoforming and cold forming are two different types of forming procedures. Thermoforming uses plastic films, whereas cold forming is used to make laminated aluminium. A cold-forming procedure is used to create products that are moisture-sensitive. In thermoforming, plastic sheets are stretched over a mould to adopt its shape after being heated to the forming temperature.

Sealing: Pressure, time, and temperature all play a role in the sealing effect. The perfect sealing environment combines low temperature, lengthy duration, and high pressure. Using hot plates or a good knurled pattern, blister lidding material is sealed tightly.

Perforation and Cutting: The procedure of perforating a blister involves creating holes in it. Cutting and perforation: Perforation is the process of creating holes in the blister packaging material to make it easier to remove a part. To perforate and cut blister packing, a precise die cutter is used.

Tamper-proof packaging is provided by blister packaging machines. It is least likely that the product inside the cavity will come into contact with air or moisture.

Operating the machinery requires very little training. Electronic monitoring is used to keep track on functions including temperature, dwell time, and pressure.

Its construction is strong.

Given that it is less expensive than plastic packaging, it is a cost-effective solution.

It helps you save lots of time.

Specification Value
voltage 220v to 240v
model sps201
wait 2000kg
output 35 cycle
type manual / pneumatic/ hydraulic

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