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Chrome Roller / Driving Roller

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Chrome Roller / Driving Roller

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The driving wheel, which acts as a fundamental interface between power transfer and motion, is an essential part of band sealer machinery and equipment. Because it is composed of cast alloy, the driving wheel in question has outstanding strength and longevity. The surface has undergone a nicked polish process, which has improved its smoothness and decreased friction while in use.

This driving wheel's adaptability to various belt materials is one of its notable advantages. It is made to function well with both Teflon and nylon belts, offering versatility for a range of applications. This driving wheel guarantees dependable power transfer and constant performance whether it is used for heavy-duty industrial use or precision jobs.

The diameter and width of the driving wheel are 47.77mm and 12mm, respectively. Due to its small size, it may be used with band sealer machine settings, guaranteeing a perfect fit and optimal performance.

This cast alloy material driving wheel is a solid option for a variety of industrial and mechanical applications thanks to its sturdy design, polished surface, and compatibility with various belt materials. It provides superior power transmission and aids in the equipment it is integrated into operating smoothly and effectively.

Specification Value
Material STEEL
bore size 12mm
full size 45mm

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