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Continuous Electro Magnetic Induction Sealing Machine

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Continuous Electro Magnetic Induction Sealing Machine

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The primary procedure in practically every sector is sealing containers. The food, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, and testing lab industries are the principal users of electromagnetic sealers.

One of the most reputable brands in India produces continuous electromagnetic induction capping: Smart Pack. It is constructed with premium, high-grade materials. This electromagnetic induction capper has the ability to generate intense heat in an instant that melts aluminium foil. To cap glass and bottlenecks, continuous electromagnetic induction capper is frequently employed.

The sealer prolongs the product's shelf life and maintains its freshness. Operating the equipment is simpler because this is a Continuous Electromagnetic Induction Capper. It doesn't require much prior knowledge for anyone to use.

The first and largest marketplace that provides us with an online platform for packaging was launched in 1998 and is called Smart Pack. They provide us with the best deal, prompt delivery, and premium goods. Additionally, they offer their services in every state.

It effortlessly seals 20 to 130 mm caps. Its ability to seal 2 to 12 metres per minute is yet another fantastic feature of this electromagnetic sealer. 400mm high, 480mm wide, and 1150mm long make up the sealer. It weighs 38 kg net. The electromagnetic induction capper uses 2000w of power continuously.

Specification Value
Model SPIS-200(table top model)
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 220/5 -10%,50 HZ
Power (W) 2000
Sealing Diameter(mm) 20-130(optional diameter 30-120)
Available Height(mm) 40-400
Sealing Speed(mm) 2-12 m/min(bottle Size,Material,Sealing membrane)
Conveyor Unit Bearing Load(Kg) 20
External Dimension(L X W X H) (mm) 1150 X 480 X 400
Net Weight(kg) 38

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