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Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine DZQ 500

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Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine DZQ 500

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Contrary to the Single Chamber DZQ 400 Vacuum Packing machine, the Double Chamber DZQ 500 machine, as its name implies, works with double chambers, or you can say double opening. It implies double the chamber and the rate at which the products are processed. So there are more benefits and more output. The Millennium Double Chamber DZQ 500 vacuum packing machine is renowned for its ability to package a lot of goods. It is widely employed in large-scale companies since packing and hoover extraction are such heavy and important tasks.

The pharmaceutical, food, chemical, marine, and electronic industries utilise this equipment the most because of its advantages, including one-touch control, convenience, and ability to conduct operations. While you prepare bags for pushing in one room, other bags are already being packed in the second chamber. Therefore, in this instance, the efficiency level advances.

In order to secure the bag, the DZQ 500 first vacuums it before filling the packaging pouch with a gas like nitrogen. highlights include automatic vacuum packing, gas filling, sealing, printing, and cooling of the objects that are being packaged. If compared to a single chamber machine, it tends to be very functional with a sealing speed of 1-4 times per minute.

Adopt this device to save time.

Vacuum packing with two chambers may complete the entire vacuum extraction, gas flushing (if desired), sealing, cooling and exhaust programmes automatically.

Products can be kept from oxidising after being packed using Double Chamber Vacuum packing equipment.

Specification Value
Model No. DZQ 600
Voltage (V/Hz) 380/50
Pump Power 1.7kw
Vaccum Case Vol. 580*550*110
Sealing Length 600*10
Dimension in mm (L*W*H) 1500*850*1150
Weight 300kg

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