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Double Thread Bag Closing Machine LPI

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Double Thread Bag Closing Machine LPI

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A double thread bag closing machine refers to a sewing machine that utilizes two threads to create a more secure stitch for bag closure. This type of machine is often used in industrial applications where the bags need extra strength and durability.

1. High-speed operation

2. Versatile stitching patterns

3. Durable construction

4. User-friendly controls

5. Compatibility with various bag materials

Specification Value
Brand LPI
Weight 6.25 kg
Voltage 220 v
Dimension 30cm*30cm*33cm
Swing Speed 1600-1800 Stitches per minute.
Type of product Double Velde with oil pump
Stitches Length 3.25 to 3.75 Stitches/ Inch (25.4mm) fixed
Types of bags All Kinds of Multi-Wall Paper, Kraft-Paper, Burla, Cotton, PP/PE, Hessian, Wove Polypropylene Bags
Niddle DBx1 200/25 (Groz Backert, Germany)

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