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Double Thread DADR Bag Closing Machine

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Double Thread DADR Bag Closing Machine

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With two linings, the Double Thread DADR sewing Bag Closing Machine effectively seals the ends of the bags. In the food business, this sewing machine is frequently used to package products including wheat, rice, sugar, salt, chemicals, and fertilisers. Bulk packaging is also employed in the transportation industry. The twin needles on this machine produce parallel chain stitching, ensuring that the goods are packed securely and effectively.

Any person, regardless of technical ability, can use the Double Thread DADR sewing machine. It is frequently used by shops to close bags of food and agricultural products. The bag is continually stitched thanks to the double thread allocation, which guarantees a smooth seal. The machine can stitch up to 400 bags per hour and can create bags as long as 7.2mm. All varieties of poly bags made from HDPE, P.P., BOPP, and JUTE bags can be sewn with this machine.

1. To create a strong and reliable seal, use double-thread DADR to sew the bag's two linings together.

2. The sewing machine can produce 400 bags per hour on average.

3. Simple instructions make it simple to use.

4. Sews on all types of poly bags, including DPE, P.P., BOPP, and jute bags.

5. Twin needles used in parallel chain stitching for efficient and secure packing.

Specification Value
Model No. DADR
Speed 160-230 Bags Per Hours
Drive 1/10 H. P., 8000R.P.M.
Pitch 8.5mm
Stitch Double Thread
Weight 6.5kg

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