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ERCC Printer

ERCC Printer

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3535 ERCC PLC based fully automatic, ELECTRONIC ROTARY CONTACT CODER is suitable for registered printing

- The EMCC is truly operator friendly coder. It comes with PLC which provides guidance for Quick operation. - This is portable compact

Model ERCC
Printing Method Ink transfer by flexor type grooved/flat stereos, 3 mm size or any other required size. Grooved ster
Printing Area 35 mm width 180 mm (max) vertical
Ink Cartridge high quality special ink cartridge is used to release the appropriate amount of ink for each fine im
Ink Charge 5-10 ml per charge. Give's up to 30,000 impressions per charge depending on size
Motor Hybrid type DC stepper motor
Supply Voltage 230v AC -10%,50 HZ
Proximity Switch Npn No Type 10-30 Vdc (Zero Marker Input)
Eye Marker Npn No Type 10-30 Vdc (Print Input Signal)
Weight Printing Head 2 kg,PLC-3 kg

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