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Foil Sealer Cap Closing Machine

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Foil Sealer Cap Closing Machine

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A hand-operated device called the Smart Pack Foil Sealer makes it simple and efficient to seal packages and stop their contents from spilling. This machine helps cover the mouth of glasses, bottles, jars, and boxes with a thin layer of aluminium foil and weighs about 15 kg. The device uses 230v power and can seal objects up to 100mm in diameter. The effectiveness of the person operating the equipment determines how quickly it operates.

This jar-sealing device is necessary to stop moisture from penetrating the package and tainting the contents, as well as to stop leakage and spillage when the product is being distributed. Since 1998, Smart Pack has produced high-quality packaging goods and supplied them to manufacturers across several industries. The organisation offers affordable costs without sacrificing the product's quality.

The Foil Sealing Machine is useful in a variety of sectors, including the pharmaceutical, petroleum, pesticide, and pickle-packing industries. Take advantage of Smart Pack's affordable pricing by shopping there.

Hand-operated device for quick and efficient package sealing can seal objects with a 100mm diameter.

protects the contents of the box against moisture damage.

prevents leakage and spillage of the contents during distribution

roughly 15 kilogrammes

powered by 230 volts.

Specification Value
Model No. JS100
Power 230v/50Hz - 500 w
Sealing Diameter mm Upto 100
Dimension in mm (Length*Width*Height) 560*250*650
Weight 15 kg approx

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