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Foot Sealing Machine 300SPS Impulse Type

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Foot Sealing Machine 300SPS Impulse Type

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The Foot Impulse Sealer is an essential piece of kit for sealing PVC, Polythene, and other bag films in food packaging. This device is ideal for usage in a commercial context because its name suggests that it is activated by applying pressure with the foot. The foot-operated impulse sealer is available in a variety of sizes, including 12 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches, to match your specific needs.

The Foot Impulse Sealer is a versatile tool for any company in the food packaging industry because it can seal a variety of packaging materials. The machine doesn't require a warm-up period, so it may be used right away.

Because the Foot Impulse Sealer is pedal-operated, you have both hands free to place your bag or pouch exactly. The machine's ability to adjust the tray based on bag height makes it more user-friendly. This device firmly and airtightly seals packages, ensuring that the food within remains fresh and is protected from the outdoors.

1. Foot-operated, perfect for use in an industrial setting

2. Simple to use and maintain, requiring no technical expertise

3. Flexible and able to seal a variety of packing materials

4. Pedal action frees both hands so you may precisely place your bag or purse.

5. The tray is user-friendly and can be adjusted to match the height of the bag.

6. Airtight sealing guarantees that the food within stays fresh and is shielded from the environment.

Specification Value
Model No. 300 SPS
Power(Volt*Watt) 240V*400W
Sealing Size in mm(L*W) 300*3
Inch 12
Dimension in mm (Length*Width*Height) 470*550*1070
Weight 22kg

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