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Freezer PVC Strip Freezer Curtain

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Freezer PVC Strip Freezer Curtain

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Any professional food processing area that prioritises sanitation and adherence to food safety laws needs the Freezer PVC Strip Freezer Curtain. This curtain offers a solid barrier while allowing for simple access and mobility, and it is designed to stop the entry of insects, birds, and other infestations.

It successfully wards off insects and is perfect for places where they are undesired because it is made of repellent material that has been properly developed. Whether put at restaurant rear doors, hidden doors in commercial and manufacturing locations, back restaurant doors, commercial manufacturing locations, or open-air concessions in outdoor facilities, this curtain offers a pest-free environment.

The Freezer PVC Strip Freezer Curtain provides long-lasting performance in challenging conditions because to its sturdy design and resilience to impact, moisture, and temperature changes. It may be adapted to any size or shape of the opening and is simple to install, use, and maintain. This curtain, which is offered in several sizes and thicknesses, guards against pest infestations while ensuring convenience and compliance in locations where food is handled.

Insect-repelling substance that has been specially developed to successfully ward off insects and prevent infestations.

Offering ease and hassle-free operation, it is simple to install and operate.

enables simple movement of people, objects, and equipment, ensuring efficient operations in commercial settings.

Ensures long-lasting performance by being tough, resilient, and resistant to impact, moisture, and temperature changes.

Adjustable to fit Features:

any opening size or shape, offering a customised solution for various applications.

better defence against pest infestations, assuring adherence to food safety standards, and upholding a clean atmosphere.

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