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Fully Automatic Gluing With Conveyor

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Fully Automatic Gluing With Conveyor

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In many different industries, a completely automatic Gluing Machine with conveyor is a crucial instrument for packing procedures. This device is made to evenly and precisely apply hot melt glue to a variety of items. The glueing procedure is accelerated and made more effective with the use of a conveyor, increasing output.

This particular machine has a Hot Melt Delivery System, which consists of two 8-foot hoses connecting two AO/SC guns to one Melt Melter. The tank can produce a melt rate of 1 kilogramme/hr and has a 2.0 kg capacity. The maximum heater load for hot melt glue is 4 kW, and the range of adhesive viscosity is 800 to 10,000 cps.

The conveyor motor is powered by a 0.25 hp Buonfiglio or comparable manufacture motor. Additionally, it incorporates motor overload protection, which serves as an emergency stop and guarantees the security of the device and its users.

This conveyor-equipped, fully automatic gluer is made to handle a variety of items. Because of its adaptability, it's a great complement to many industries, including packaging, food, and beverage. Any production line can increase its productivity and efficiency thanks to its accuracy and consistency.

Specification Value
Hot Melt Delivery System One Melt Melter connected through two 8 ft. long hose to two AO/SC guns
Tank Capacity 2.0kg
Melt Rate 1kg/hr
Hot Melt Adhesive Viscosity Range 800 to 10,000 cps
Max. Heater Load 4kW
Conveyor Motor 0.25hp Buonfiglio or equivalent make.
Motor overload protection provided acts as an emergency stop.

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