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Fully Automatic Shrink Machine L-Sealer With Tunnel SPLS-504A

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Fully Automatic Shrink Machine L-Sealer With Tunnel SPLS-504A

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The completely automated automatic L-sealer only needs a human operator to change films and keep an eye on the process.


The automatic L-sealer machine comes with a conveyor that automatically inserts the product into the film. The equipment measures the length of the product by using sensors, and the sealing jaws automatically seal the products.

After sealing takes place, the product automatically gets conveyed to the shrink tunnel, where heat-shrink wrapping takes place.


Industries based on high volume, high speed operations use the automatic L-sealer machine.

It is employed in smaller spaces like offices, labs, and supermarkets.

It is frequently used for outer shrink wrapping of cosmetics, toys, beverages, electronics, and food items.

The Teflon coating on the aluminium alloy cutter is thermostable to guarantee flawless sealing without breaking or coking.

The cutter itself has an automatic safeguard feature to prevent incorrect cutting.

It is secure to use this device. There is no smoke pollution as a result.

It includes a highly precise and sensitive digital temperature controller.

The device can combine items of various sizes.

It is capable of moving 40 to 50 parcels each minute.

Additionally, it has an inductive motor that automatically gathers used film.

For thin and compact packages, the machine can also be easily operated.

It cuts down on energy use.

Specification Value
Model No. SPLS-504A
Power Supply 1, 220 V/240 V
Watts 1.5 KW
Sealing Size L=500 x W = 450 MM
Packing Speed 0~18 m/min
Packing Length (in mm) 100 -460
Packing Width (in mm) 40 - 320
Packing Height (in mm) 5-100
Air Compressor 6 kg /cm 2
Machine Size L= 1900 x W=950 x H=1450 MM

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