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Hand Induction Sealing Machine SPSIS 100

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Hand Induction Sealing Machine SPSIS 100

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In many businesses, packing and sealing are crucial steps. Different vessels need to be sealed, from beverages to chemicals. You can simply cap any bottleneck containers with the best hand induction sealer from Smart Pack.

Glass and plastic bottles and other non-metal bottlenecks are capped with the hand induction sealer SPSIS 100. Flat threaded caps are present on this sealer. The SPSIS 100 hand induction sealer can produce 0 to 100 pieces per minute.

The sealer has dimensions of 340mm long, 290mm wide, and 150mm high. It weighs 5 kg net and uses 500 watts of power.

With the help of this hand induction sealer, all bottleneck containers become leak- and air-tight. Therefore, the product in the containers is not affected.

This sealer can be used to seal a variety of non-metal goods. It extends a product's shelf life as well. Additionally, this sealer doesn't require any technological expertise to use. Utilising it is quite simple and secure.

One of the most well-known brands in India, Smart Pack, manufactures the hand induction sealer SPSIS 100. Their goods' three main advantages are convenience, ease of use, and ease of transfer. Therefore, invest in a Hand induction Sealer SPSIS 100 and perfectly seal your products.

Specification Value
Model No. SPSIS 100
Voltage 220v, 50Hz
Power 500w
Heal Dimension (mm) 20-135
Vessel Height Absoluteness
Dimension in mm (L*W*H) 340*290*150
Weight 5kg
Capacity 0-100 pcs./Min.

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