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Hand Sealing Machine 300 SPS Impulse Type

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Hand Sealing Machine 300 SPS Impulse Type

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Hand Sealing Machine is ideal for sealing hand sealable poly pouches. It can be used for packing solid based, paste based and liquid based products. Ideal for use in shops, bakeries, packaging products.

It is hand operated, impulse sealing. It gives a sealing length of 12", 18", 24". It has a adjustable heat adjustor and audio and visual sealing indicators. It also comes with round element for sealing and cutting simultaneously.


1. A packaging material's sealing time can be modified to perform effectively and efficiently for continuous operation.

2. One-stop shopping. The packaging material must be trimmed and sealed precisely.

3. having a strong nature. It is simple to keep and place.

Specification Value
Model No. 300 SPS
Power(Volt*Watt) 240V*350W
Sealing Size in mm(L*W) 300*1.5
Inch 12
Dimension in mm 420*85*250
Weight 5.5kg

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