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Hand Sealing Machine 500 SPS Impulse Type

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Hand Sealing Machine 500 SPS Impulse Type

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Smart Packaging Sysytem Offers heavy Duty industrial Handheld heat sealing machine use for Sealing Plastic Pouch .hand sealer can Seal and cut the pouch in a single step.

1. Has expertise in food packaging materials that seal.

2. Impulse sealers for straightforward positioning and transportation.

3. Simple to use and doesn't require technical expertise

4. A bag cutter and sealer for easy packaging.

5. The length of time for sealing can be changed depending on the thickness of the packaging material.

6. It can seal various plastic materials, including thick and thin materials.

7. Its durable packaging is used by an increasing number of food packaging companies.

Specification Value
Model No. 500 SPS
Power(Volt*Watt) 240V*550W
Sealing Size in mm (L*W) 500*1.5
Inch 20
Dimension in mm (Length*Width*Height) 620*85*250
weight 7.0 kg

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