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Hand Sealing Machine 300 SPS Hot Bar Type

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Hand Sealing Machine 300 SPS Hot Bar Type

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Do you need a simple method for sealing packages? Using a "Hand Sealer SPS Hot Bar" can be a fantastic alternative if the answer is yes. This device specialises in swiftly and easily sealing containers. It uses a variety of packaging materials, such as thermoplastic bags, polyethylene, and polypropylene. These substances are well regarded for being the best for securely packing any product.

Now that this Sealing Machine is so simple to use, you no longer need to worry about difficult sealing methods.

The Hand Sealer Hot Bar Type SPS 200 provides the consistent heat needed for packing during the sealing process. It boasts a tonne of amazing features, including mobility and cutting prowess. The hand sealer machine's benefits are discussed below.


1. It is incredibly portable and always prepared to seal parcels.

2. It may be used to seal parcels and is easily positioned anyplace.

3. Those who run mobile businesses can easily reach the hand sealer.

4. The hand sealer machine comes with a user handbook and requires no technical expertise to use.

5. The hand sealer machine typically doubles as a cutter in addition to sealing packages.

6. Because cutting a package is frequently challenging, it can be cut to the required shape for more convenient sealing, making the process simple.

7. Depending on the thickness of the package, sealing a package takes less time than the other methods.

8. It saves time, money, and resources thanks to its timely sealing feature.

9. If you want things to be sealed perfectly, a hand sealer is a trusty instrument.

10. Sealing the package in this manner is quite time and energy-efficient.

Specification Value
Model No. 300 SPS
Power (Volt*Watt). 240V*350W
Sealing Size in mm (L*W) 300*1.5
Inch 12
Dimension in mm (Length*Width*Height) 420*85*250
Weight 5.5kg

Anas Lasani

2018-06-14 07:18:19

Nice product worth buy

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