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Handy Coder For Batch Coding machine

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Handy Coder For Batch Coding machine

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The Handy Coder, sometimes referred to as a batch coder, is a dependable tool for marking significant information on various surfaces that is portable and adaptable. The Handy Coder makes sure that printing on absorbent and non-absorbent materials is accurate and constant, whether it be batch numbers, manufacturing dates, expiry dates, or net weights. For companies in the engineering and automotive sectors as well as those working with woven crates, sacks, wooden boxes, and leather materials, it is a crucial tool due to its small size, use, and low maintenance needs.

The Handy Coder ensures uniform printing on all surface types, resulting in distinct and readable markings. Its removable feature reduces the possibility of smudging or spilling and keeps ink from drying. A greater printing area is possible thanks to the front-side ink roller adjustment, which meets a variety of printing needs.

This portable device is simple to use and needs little upkeep, making it a practical choice for organizations. Due to its strong construction and high tensile strength, it can bear severe stress in many environmental settings. The Handy Coder ensures accuracy and dependability while noting significant information with quick and easy printing.

To reduce ink smudge or leaking and to stop ink from drying out, there is a detachable function.

For a bigger printing area, adjust the front-side ink roller. Low maintenance, portable, and simple to manage.

Simple and quick composition with a separate stereo roller plugin.

spring with a high tensile strength for re-ink the roller between impressions.

The engineering, automotive, and packaging industries might benefit from this. versatile uses on leather materials, weaved crates, sacks, and wooden boxes.

Specification Value
Model Handy Coder
Printing Area 95*350
Prints Using Easily Changeable Grooved Rubber Stereo (3mm to 39mm)
Inking Medium Rechargeable High Capacity Porous /Non Porous ink Cartridge
Printing Medium Porous/Non Porous ink (Black, Red, and White etc.)
Impressions 1, 000 per Charge of 10ml/ 20ml/ 40ml

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