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Heat Gun SPS 750 Shrink Machine

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Heat Gun SPS 750 Shrink Machine

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To ensure product durability, the SPS 750 Heat Gun is designed specifically for shrinking packets and airtightly sealing them. The packaging business, especially in the facilities that produce food, chemicals, and medicines, depends on this practical and simple-to-use equipment.

Heat from the heat gun causes the film to shrink, enclosing the packets or goods to keep them safe during storage and transportation. It is a valuable equipment in many sectors since its temperature may be changed to accommodate various materials and shrinkage requirements.

A low-maintenance equipment that efficiently reduces packets and firmly seals them is the SPS 750 Heat Gun. Because of its effectiveness and efficiency, it is widely utilised across many sectors and has a compact and lightweight design that makes it simple to use.

1. The temperature can be adjusted to meet the needs for shrinkage and the material.

2. Effective at airtightly shrinking and sealing packets.

3. A lightweight and compact design for simple handling.

4. Low cost of maintenance.

Specification Value
Model SPS750
Power 220v
Dimensions in mm (Length*Width*Height) 230*195*75
Output 1800w

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