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Heavy duty band sealing machine up to 25 kg

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Heavy duty band sealing machine up to 25 kg

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A sealing device created to seal objects weighing up to 20kg is the Heavy Duty Vertical Band Sealer, Up To 25kg 900LW. Because the machine's height is adjustable, sealing lengths can be changed as needed. It has a completely adjustable variable speed conveyor that can respond to the sealing requirements of various products. Band Sealing Machine seals heavy items like gunny bags, jute bags, wall putty, and other large packets of groceries and seeds since the conveyor can support up to 20 kg of weight.

The pharmaceutical business, where it may package insecticides and other chemicals, is one place where the Heavy Duty Vertical Band Sealer of Up To 25kg 900LW excels. This machine is a flexible solution for numerous items because it can seal stand-up pouches of liquid and grains.

To strengthen the product's durability during sealing, nitrogen suction can be attached to the machine. The machine's functioning is simple and doesn't call for any technological expertise. Simply lay the filled pouches on the roller bands, and the machine will apply pressure and heat to seal the package. The process is quick and effective since the sealed product passes through the bar and is released at the other end.

1. Particularly designed for closing upright pouches of liquid and grains.

2. A machine with an adjustable height to meet various sealing requirements.

3. Simple to use and doesn't require technical knowledge.

4. For increased convenience, feeds right to left.

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