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Heavy Duty Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

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Heavy Duty Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

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A heavy-duty fully automatic Strapping Machine is an essential piece of equipment for companies that need dependable and effective packing solutions. This device is made to automate the strapping procedure, which makes high-volume production lines appropriate for it. It can accommodate packing of different sizes and is ideal for wrapping bulky or heavy objects.

The fully automatic heavy-duty strapping machine is distinguished from other strapping machines by a number of noteworthy characteristics. Its maximum packing dimension of 850mm(W) x 600mm(H) is one of its primary advantages, making it perfect for packaging large objects. Additionally, the machine can handle smaller objects because the minimal packaging size is 100mm(W) x 20mm(H).

The maximum strap size that may be used with the machine is 800mm by 600mm. It can support interchangeable strap core inner diameters of 200mm and 280mm. The strap thickness goes from 0.55mm to 0.75mm, and the width is adjustable between 8mm and 15.5mm. Maximum strapping speed is 27 per minute, with a tension range of 10 to 70 kg.

The heavy-duty fully automatic strapping machine is made to function with various power supply requirements, making it appropriate for various settings. It can operate on a power source of 220V/380V (50/60Hz) 3PH and has a power consumption rate of 0.65KW. The machine's 810mm table height is perfect for a standing operator.

The strapping machine is reasonably simple to move around the workspace because of its lightweight 220kg weight and dimensions of 620mm(D) x 1430mm(W) x 1540mm(H). The machine can operate in a variety of environments thanks to its working environment temperature range of 5°C to 40°C.

The robust, fully automatic heavy-duty Strapping Machine is a useful equipment made for companies who need dependable and effective packing solutions. Due to its characteristics, it can handle packing of different sizes and is appropriate for packaging bulky and heavy objects. It is a crucial piece of equipment for companies with high-volume production lines because it guarantees a dependable and consistent strapping process that boosts productivity and efficiency.

Specification Value
Max Packaging Size 850(W)mm x 600(H) mm
Min Packaging Size 100W x 20H mm
Max Strap Size (mm) 800 * 600
Strap Core Inner Día 200mm / 280mm (inter changeable) Strap Width
8 ~ 15.5mm Strap Thickness 0.55 ~ 0.75mm
Strapping Tension 10 to 70kg (Max) (CE version: up to 45kg) Table Height
220V / 380V(50/60hz) 3PH Temp. of Working Environment 5 ~ 40° Dimensions
620(D)x1430(W)x1540(H)mm Net Weight 220kg

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