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Horizontal Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine

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Horizontal Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine

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The horizontal coil wrapping machine is a cutting-edge piece of machinery that can quickly and effectively wrap coils of various diameters. This machine is a great option for a variety of applications because it is furnished with cutting-edge technology and features. Let's examine its specifications in more detail:

The machine uses 2 kW of electricity and is powered by a 1ph 230v 50/60 Hz power supply. Depending on the size of the coil, it may wrap coils at a speed of 2 coils per minute thanks to its 1 HP ring motor and 0.5 HP roller motor with gear box.

The machine incorporates a digital display for setting parameters in addition to a PLC and HMI control system that is intended to facilitate operation. The machine's body is powder painted in a colour and constructed of M.S. The machine measures metres, weighs 550 kgs, and the ring is 16mm thick.

The machine is made to wrap coils with a variety of specifications, including inner coil diameters ranging from 250 to 350 mm, outside coil diameters ranging from 350 to 500 mm, and coil widths and heights ranging from 100 to 200 mm. It employs wrapping material with a 120mm outer diameter and a 75mm breadth that can accommodate coil weights up to 25 kg. There are two rolls of wrapping paper needed for the machine


The machine's parts include a Rotomotive/Harmonic motor, a Rotorq gearbox, Techno/Spac pneumatics, and a Schneider/Delta drive. The machine also has an automated system with a UNimat/Delta/Schneider PLC and a Schneider/Delta variable frequency drive.

It is crucial to remember that the coil's shape must remain round in the horizontal position and not transform into an oval. An air compressor is necessary for the equipment, but one is not provided in the package. It will cost more if a top support holding both sides with a pneumatic base is needed.

The horizontal coil wrapping machine is, all things considered, a dependable and effective method for wrapping coils of various diameters. It is essential for a variety of industrial applications due to its sophisticated features and durable construction.

Specification Value
Coil Inner Diameter 250mm-350mm
Body M.S. Structure
Coil Outer Diameter 350mm to 500mm
Coil Width/Height 100mm to 200mm
Coil Weight 25kg
Motor Rotomotive/Harmonic
Ring 16 mm thick ms
Weight 550Kgs Approx.
Coil Weight 25kg

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