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I-Bar Sealing Machine

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I-Bar Sealing Machine

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Any firm that has to wrap and seal products needs the i-Bar sealer as a key piece of hardware. With the help of this specialised equipment, objects are wrapped and the film around them is shrunk, making them safe and tamper-proof. It is perfect for businesses of all sizes because it is simple to use and requires minimal upkeep. The 450SPS i-Bar sealer weighs only 15 kg and has a sealing size of 450*1.0(mm).

Place the roll of centrefold shrink film (PVC or Polyolefin) on the film roller and open it using the film separator to utilise the I-Bar sealer. Place the packet in the film pocket after adjusting the temperature to the film. The machine automatically cuts and seals the packet when you depress the lever. Seal the opposite end as well after turning the packet. The product film will finally shrink and complete the packaging process with the aid of a heat gun.

Designed specifically for shrinking and wrapping film around goods

Tamper-proof packaging guarantees the product's security.

It is simple to use and requires minimal upkeep.

Use with a variety of films is possible because to the adjustable temperature control.

Minimises labour costs and saves time by automating the packing process.

Long-lasting use is ensured by a sturdy design.

It is simple to use and store at any workspace due to its small size.

Specification Value
Model No. 450 SPS
Power(Volt*Watt) 240V*350W
Sealing Size in mm(L*W) 450*1.0
Cutting Size in mm(L*W) 450*1.0
Inch 18
Weight 15kg

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