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Jet Printer

Jet Printer

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Jet Printer is based upon Reliable HP TIJ 2.5 technology which delivers consistent, high fast printing, exceptional value and ease of use. Jet Printer is ideal for printing labels and for all cartons in food and pharmaceutical industry.

- HP TIJ 2.5 technology - Easy to integrate and use - Load print job from USB-key - Built-in sensor - 1/2" print height - Prints with multiple dpi options

Model Jet Printer
Print Frequency 15 KHz
Print height Up to 12.7 mm
Print Head 1 pen integrated
Print Distance 0.5-0.2 mm (nozzle to print surface)
Voltage 15v (Power Supply)
Design Software Micro Draw (for window in PC)
Memory 1 Print job in unit
Print Features Left/Right, Upside/Down
Max. Speed 76M/Min., 250Feet/Min.
Max. Length 2400px
Weight 0.53 kg/1.17lbs

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