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L-Sealer Conveyor SPS 5045

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L-Sealer Conveyor SPS 5045

L-Sealer Conveyor SPS 5045

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L-Sealer with Conveyor cutting machine can convey the products automatically into shrink tunnel through conveying belt for shrink packaging after sealing KEYWORDS:- box strapping machine in Pune, Shrink machine in Bhubaneswar, shrink wrap packaging in Bhubaneswar, box strapping machine in Bhubaneswar, Shrink machine in jaipur, shrink wrap packaging in jaipur, box strapping machine in jaipur, Shrink machine in India, box strapping machine in India, Shrink machine in Maharashtra, Shrink machine in Mumbai, Shrink machine in Nasik, Shrink machine in Gujarat, Shrink machine in Rajasthan

- There is protection mechanism for sealing knife against overheating and cutting. - Adopt nano-fiber cutter holder and anti sticking thermos table nichrome cutter for sealing

Model SPS5045LC
Packing Speed 800-1200 pcs./hr
Max. Packing Dimension mm (L*W*H) 450*400*300
Max. Sealing Dimension mm (L*W) 500*450
Body Type Powder Coated (M. S. Type)
Voltage AC 220v, 50HZ
Power 1.2kw
Dimensions mm (L*W*H) 1560 * 757* 1040
Weight (kg) 110kg

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