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Metal Cap Closing Machine SPS 40M

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Metal Cap Closing Machine SPS 40M

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Metal caps are tightly sealed within bottles made of plastic, glass, metal, or P.E. by the metal cap closure machine, which screws metal caps onto the bottles with efficiency. It can quickly and effectively seal up to 1200 bottles per hour, providing quick output.

The metal cap closing device is made to make waterproof, airtight seals that thwart leakage, theft, and tampering with the bottle's contents. It is a crucial tool for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food and beverage sectors because it provides dependable and secure packaging.

This has dimensions of 350 mm in length, 250 mm in width, and 650 mm in height. It uses 0.37 watts of power and weighs 65 kg. It is intended to provide a tight and secure fit when sealing metal caps with a diameter of 25mm*40mm. It is a practical, affordable, and effective solution that perfectly satisfies the needs of different sectors.

The heating pad was included in the design to make finding the metal container easy.

The metal cap closing device is simple to use and intuitive.

The ideal financial commitment for small, medium-sized, and large-scale businesses.

A quick and effective production

Specification Value
Model No. SPS 40M
Voltage 220v, 60Hz
Power 0.37 w
Cap Diameter 25*40 mm
Applicable Bottle Height 50-320 mm
Capacity (Bottles/hr) <1200
Types Of Cap Metal Cover
Dimension in mm (L*W*H) 350*250*650
Weight 65 kg

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