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Motorized Batch Coding Machine EMCC

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Motorized Batch Coding Machine EMCC

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The motorised Batch Coding Machine prints variable information such as the packed date, MRP, expiry date, and batch number. The electromechanical batch coding machine can be operated manually or automatically.

This countertop coder machine has a letterbox and magnets for positioning pouches or bottle tops. It includes a manual push button and a control knob that ranges from low to high speed.


To move up, turn the height knob anticlockwise. Remove the cassette holder cover by pulling it down, then use the tweezer to fix the required letters on the tape and replace it.

Apply the ink to the ink roller and adjust the numbers to check the flow of the ink. Make adjustments until the impression is legible. Place the pouch on top of the cassette and lower it until it reaches the sheet.

Compact in structure hence saves a lot of space.
Robust and sturdy built.
Doesn’t require electricity or pneumatic compressors to operate.
Durable and reliable.
It is used to print logos, batch numbers on oil pouches, milk tins, boxes, and bottles.

Specification Value
Model EMCC
Printing Size 35 mm x 50 mm (other sizes can be manufactured on demand)
Printing Speed up to 100 prints/minute, or depending on machine set-up conditions. Higher speeds are available as w
Printing Method Ink transfer by flexor types Grooved / Flat stereos- 3 mm size or other required size. Grooved stere
Printing Media: Anti Freeze fast drying? liquid Ink.
Inking System Inking cartridge made from specially imported material to release the right amount of Ink per each i
Power Supply 230 VAC ± 10 %, 50 HZ, Single phase.
Ink Charge 5-10 ml, ink per charges, gives 10,000 to 20,000 impressions depending on size of markings

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