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Note Strapping Machine

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The Note Strapping Machine is a reliable and efficient machine designed for use in various packaging applications. Here are some of the key features and specifications of this machine:

Arch Size:The machine has an arch size of 470x220mm, which allows it to handle a wide range of packaging sizes.

Min Packaging Size: The machine can handle packaging sizes as small as 30x10mm, making it suitable for small products.

Strap Width: The machine uses 30mm-wide straps for packaging.

Strap Core Size: The machine uses a 40mm strap core size, which ensures that the straps are securely held in place during the strapping process.

Strapping Tension: The machine can apply a strapping tension of 5~40N, which is adjustable according to the needs of the application.

Strapping Speed: The machine has a strapping speed of 20pcs/min, allowing for quick and efficient packaging.

Strap Specs: The machine uses 150 mtrs of 100-120µ straps for packaging.

Power Consumption: The machine has a low power consumption of 80W, making it an energy-efficient solution.

Power Supply: The machine operates on 220V, 50/60Hz power supply.

Dimensions: The machine has a compact size, measuring 590x350x510mm, which makes it easy to integrate into existing production lines.

Net Weight: The machine is lightweight, weighing only 32kg, making it easy to move and transport as needed.

Overall, the Note Strapping Machine is an ideal solution for businesses that need a reliable and efficient machine for strapping their products. With its adjustable strapping tension, fast strapping speed, and low power consumption, this machine can improve productivity while keeping energy costs low.

Specification Value
Arch Size 470x220mm
Min Packaging Size 30x10mm
Strap Width 30mm
Strap Core Size 40mm
Strapping Tension 5~40N
Strapping Speed 20pcs/min
Strap Specs 150 mtrs,100-120µ
Power Consumption 80W
Power Supply 220V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 590x350x510mm
Net Weight 32kg

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