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PET Strapping Tool Battery Powered

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PET Strapping Tool Battery Powered

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The battery-operated strapping tool is a portable equipment for rapidly and conveniently strapping boxes and pallets. It works well with polyester and polypropylene strapping and may be used to secure packages both horizontally and vertically. With the simple stroke of a button, the completely automatic tool tensions, seals, and precisely cuts the strap.

The gadget is simple to use with just two buttons thanks to its adjustable strap width and pre-programmed touch settings. The high seal efficiency guarantees that packages are consistently strapped securely, and operators can change the tension to ensure the strapping is tight. The tool also has a quick rechargeable battery, a durable construction that needs little upkeep, and a light weight that makes handling it simple. This tool's lengthy battery life makes it ideal for use across a variety of situations and industries.

1) Light Weight 2) Easy To Carry 3) Low Maintenance 4) High Tensile 5) Easy Operation

Specification Value
Model SP 101 BPT
Strap width(mm) 13-16 adjustable
Strap Thickness(mm) 0.5-1.0

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