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Pillow Vacuum Packing Machine

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Pillow Vacuum Packing Machine

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A semi-automatic device called a pillow vacuum packaging machine is used to package a variety of pillow-shaped goods. The device is simple to use and has cutting-edge functionality. The device is made to offer dependable packaging solutions for a range of markets, including the food, pharmaceutical, and consumer products sectors.

A PLC system controls this specific pillow packing machine, ensuring accurate and reliable packing. It is a relatively lightweight machine that may be moved about as needed because of its 100 kg weight. An electric motor powers the machine, enabling dependable and smooth operation.

The pillow packaging machine can be used to pack a variety of goods. Pillows, cushions, toys, and other soft goods can all be packed in it. The machine is very adaptable and can handle a variety of product shapes and sizes.

This pillow packaging machine's semi-automatic operation is one of its main advantages. As a result, the machine necessitates some manual assistance while simultaneously providing more flexibility and control over the packaging procedure. The machine is simple to use and can be readily modified to meet various product sizes and packaging needs.

All things considered, this pillow packing machine is a dependable and effective option for packaging a variety of pillow-shaped products. It is the perfect option for a number of sectors searching for effective and flexible packaging solutions due to its cutting-edge features and user-friendly design.

Specification Value
Sealing Type Impulse Type
Weight 140-150 kg
Pillow Packaging Size 30" x 30" (max)
Dimensions 46" x 32" x 54"
Max Pillow Size 30" x 30"
Brand Smartpack
Sealing Width 3mm/5mm
Packaging Cycle 15 to 20 sec.

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