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Plastic Cap Closing Machine SPS 40P

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Plastic Cap Closing Machine SPS 40P

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To seal bottles with watertight, airtight, and thief-proof caps, invest in a cost-effective, high-quality plastic cap closing machine. The caps are composed of plastic and fit glass, plastic, and PE bottles of various sizes with ease.

The machine is offered by Smart Pack, a reputable and trustworthy business that offers whole packaging solutions, and it operates at a rate of little less than 1200 caps per hour.

The machine is simple to operate and consistently produces its best results, making it suitable for the beverage, cosmetic, chemical, and medical industries.

The machine for closing plastic caps weighs around 65 kg and is powered by a 220 volt source. It turns out that the cap's diameter is 25*40 mm.

Since its founding in 1998, Smart Pack has grown to be known as a reliable manufacturer and service provider in the running industry. The business serves a variety of industries and offers packaging machines that precisely meet the needs of several businesses.

The machine used to close plastic caps is quite effective. Put a bottle in between the clamps on the base's movable base. As the bottle is forced higher, the top revolving rod descends. In a matter of seconds, the cap is perfectly fitted. There is not even the slightest chance of meddling.

Cap Size Range

Closure Mechanism

Production Capacity

Adjustable Settings

Conveyor System

Compact Design

Easy Operation

Durability and Construction

Specification Value
Model No. SPS 40P
Voltage 220v, 60Hz
Power 0.37 w
Cap Diameter 25*40 mm
Applicable Bottle Height Applicable Bottle Height
Capacity (Bottles/hr) <1200
Types Of Cap Plastic Cover
Dimension in mm (L*W*H) 650*200*920
Weight 65 kg

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