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Pneumatic Box Stretch Wrapping Machine

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Pneumatic Box Stretch Wrapping Machine

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The Model SPS800S pneumatic box Stretch Wrapping Machine is designed to wrap palletized boxes quickly and easily. The following are the specifications:

Pneumatic control system for precision and stability

System for automatic film cutting and clamping

Wrapping tension can be adjusted to meet a variety of packaging needs.

Both PP and PE films are suitable.

Simple to use and compact design

This stretch wrapping machine's dependable pneumatic control system ensures steady and exact packaging of palletized boxes. The automatic film-cutting and film-clamping technology can help you save time and work more efficiently. Furthermore, the adjustable wrapping tension control provides provide flexibility for a variety of packaging needs. This machine is appropriate for a variety of industries, including transportation, warehousing, and manufacturing.

Automatic operation:

The machine is fully automatic and can wrap boxes quickly and efficiently, without the need for manual labor.

Adjustable wrapping tension: The machine has an adjustable tension control, which allows users to adjust the amount of stretch applied to the film during the wrapping process. This ensures that boxes are securely wrapped, without damaging the contents.

Film carriage system: The machine has a film carriage system that automatically dispenses and cuts the wrapping film, making it easy to use and reducing the amount of waste.

Pneumatic power: The machine is powered by compressed air, which provides consistent and reliable power to its operations.

Safety features: The machine has several safety features, including an emergency stop button and safety guarding, to prevent accidents and injuries.

Mobility: The machine is mounted on wheels, which makes it easy to move around the workspace.

Specification Value
Model SPS800S
VOLTAGE 220V, 50-60HZ
SPEED 30r/min

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