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Pneumatic Sealing Machine 750 SPS Impulse Type

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Pneumatic Sealing Machine 750 SPS Impulse Type

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The Pneumatic Impulse Sealer Machine is a strong and dependable piece of equipment that seals bags and pouches for a variety of industries. It is especially helpful for heavy-duty industrial applications because it is intended to handle enormous amounts of load. This device is renowned for its broad applicability, ease of use, and tested features. It can quickly process huge 750*3 (mm) sizes and seal them.

The Pneumatic Impulse 750SPS machine makes use of premium components and cutting-edge methods. It is an excellent product that satisfies important quality standards. Additionally, this range can be altered to match the needs of individual clients, ensuring that it satisfies those needs.

1. Created for heavy-duty industrial applications requiring the ability to handle significant amounts of weight.

2. A machine that is simple to use and requires little maintenance.

3. Adaptable to the unique needs of each client.

4. A high-quality product with guaranteed durability and long-lasting functionality.

5. Its pneumatic action facilitates simple and effective operation.

6. Is ready to seal as soon as the power is turned on and requires little warm-up time.

ensures the package materials are durable by providing an airtight seal.

Specification Value
Model No. 750 SPS
Power(Volt*Watt) 230V*3450W
Sealing Size in mm(L*W) 750*3
Inch 30
Dimension in inch (Length*Width*Height) 26*35*47
Weight 80kg

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