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Pouch Packing Machine 1 Kg

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Pouch Packing Machine 1 Kg

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An automated machine used to pack different products into pouches is called a pouch packaging machine. The machine can pack products of different sizes, and the specifications for a machine that can pack 1 kg of pouches are as follows:

It will be determined by the size of the product being packed what size pouch the machine will produce. A centre seal is the form of sealing used by the pouch packing machine to ensure that the product inside the pouch is securely sealed. A servo auger filling system is used in the filling process to guarantee accurate and exact product filling.

Digital control and online weight adjustment for the pouch packaging machine make it possible to make rapid and simple modifications while in production. The packaging material is a roll of heat sealable laminated film with a maximum width of 680mm.

An effective and secure seal for the goods inside the pouch is ensured by the intermittent horizontal sealing mechanism for the pouch packing machine. The body of the machine is made utilising the GMP model, ensuring that it is secure and hygienic to use. A food-grade stainless steel called SS-304 is used in the machine's parts that come into contact with the product.

The pouch packaging machine's hopper is made of food-grade SS-304, which prevents product contamination while it is being packed. To protect the operator during the packing process, the machine has safety coverings consisting of an Al section frame and PC sheet.

The machine's mechanical parts are built of EN series, while its electrical components are of standard quality. The machine employs a P

Specification Value
Product contact parts SS-304
Product contact parts SS-304
Temperature controllers PID based
Machine body Fabricated (GMP Model)
Filling system Servo Auger filling system
Sealing mechanism Intermittent for horizontal sealing
Electrical components Standard quality.
Maximum film roll width 680mm.
Sealing type Center Seal

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