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PVC Strip red and yellow welding Curtain

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PVC Strip red and yellow welding Curtain

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A specific kind of PVC strip curtain called Smart Pack PVC Strip Red and Yellow Welding is intended for use in welding facilities. It is an installation solution that comes pre-packaged with all the required parts, including mounting hardware and instructions.

Red and yellow Smart Pack PVC Strip The material used to make welding curtains is fire-resistant PVC, which can endure high temperatures and put out fires. The warning strip's red and yellow colours make it plain to workers that there may be dangers around.

In manufacturing facilities, building sites, and other industries where welding is done, these curtains are frequently employed in welding zones. To form a barrier between various parts of the facility, they are often installed on a track or hanging from the ceiling.

The Smart Pack PVC Strip curtains are a practical approach to increase workplace safety because they shield workers from potential risks and injuries. They are an affordable solution for workplace safety because they are simple to install and simple to replace if damaged or worn out.

To be used in welding regions

made of PVC that is fire-resistant.

Red and yellow alert employees to potential hazards in a clear and conspicuous manner.

complete solution with all required installation parts included

May be suspended from the ceiling or fixed on a track

creates a wall between several facilities regions

increases workplace safety by reducing injuries and shielding employees from danger

Simple to install and replace if worn out or damaged cost-effective method for improving workplace security.

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