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Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser

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Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser

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The Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser from Smart Pack is a dependable and effective equipment created to streamline and simplify your packing procedure. This tape dispenser is ideal for any location where dispensing tape is a frequent activity because of its sturdy construction and small size.

This dispenser can handle a wide range of tape sizes with a cutting width of 7-50mm and a cutting length of 10-999mm, making it perfect for various packaging applications. The dispenser is lightweight and portable because it is made of high-quality plastic. Additionally, it guarantees longevity and reliable performance.

The tape dispenser is only partially automatic, thus the user must manually feed the tape into it before the dispenser automatically cuts it to the required length. The dispenser is compatible with most tape sizes because the tape sizes that can be used with it range from 6 to 60 mm.

The Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser from Smart Pack is a flexible and easy-to-use gadget that can improve the effectiveness of your packing procedure. It is the perfect option for any workspace thanks to its lightweight and robust design, versatility in tape sizes, and compact size.

Specification Value
Size 6 - 60 mm
Material Plastic
Cutting width 7 - 50 mm
Cutting length 10 - 999 mm

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