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Semi Automatic Tray/Cup Sealing Machine

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Semi Automatic Tray/Cup Sealing Machine

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It is apparent from the name of the device that it is a semi-automatic Tray/CUP Sealing machine. For the purpose of sealing cups of water, milk, tea, and other beverages, you may use it. Simply set the cup into the holder, and the device will cut the plastic film to fit the cup's dimensions and seal the edges. Everything will be carried out automatically.

The machine has a roller inside that is where the film is inserted. The roller performs admirably to provide easy operations. You may save a lot of time and work by using the machine. The machine will typically seal cups with a diameter of 80 to 95 mm. So, be sure to use the appropriate cups when packaging.

This device, created by Smart Pack, can seal up to 810 cups in a minute. A excellent count indeed! The machine's timer for sealing the cups can be changed to suit your needs and preferences. Even better, you can adjust the machine's temperature based on the thickness of the film you're using.

The machine's ability to automatically rewind the film with the aid of a sensor is its best feature. The machine is quite simple to use. It is available for a reasonable price. Please review our price list!


1. Easily automated; all that is required is to insert the cup into the holder.

2. This machine has a great production capacity; by setting the minimum time needed to seal each cup, it can seal 360 cups in an hour.

3. This machine can handle cups with a width of 80 to 95 mm in diameter.

Specification Value
Model no. ET-A9
Power 340 W
Voltage 220V /50 Hz or 110 V/60 Hz
Dimension 282 X 370 X 540 mm
Sealing Capacity 300-400 cup/hour

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