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Shrink Machine Heat Gun - Steinel HL1400S

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Shrink Machine Heat Gun - Steinel HL1400S

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A heat cannon is a portable device that produces hot air that has been heated to temperatures between 200F and 1000F. Because they have a handle and a trigger, heat guns resemble hairdryers in appearance. In the fields of soldering, reconstruction, and home repair, heat guns are regarded as vital tools.


A fan draws air into the tool's body to power the heat gun. After forcing via an electric heating element, the hot air is forced out of the nozzle. While holding the stripping tool in the other hand, one hand can operate the machine alone. Some heat sources can be operated while seated, freeing up both hands to manipulate the hot air in other ways.

The basic heat gun device only has one heat and one fan speed adjustment. The most sophisticated models offer several heat settings and fan speeds.

A heat gun, however, has a range of nozzles that are designed for various applications.

Reducer nozzle:

It occurs when you wish to focus the heat stream on a certain region.

Reflector nozzle:

To disperse the heat across the pipe's surface, it is wrapped around a copper or plastic pipe.

Flat nozzle:

It is used to disperse the heated air over a large, more confined space.

Glass protector nozzle:

It is used while stripping paint on a window to keep the glass away from direct heat.

1. Heat guns can be used for a variety of repairs, from softening putty to warming up old paint.

2. Heat guns are also used to get rid of various adhesives, including bumper stickers.

3. Veneer tape and laminate are applied with heat guns to curved or circular edges,

4. You can soften cracked vinyl tiles with these heat guns without endangering the other tiles.

5. Heat guns are a good and practical choice for drying wet surfaces, warming up frosted pipes, and defrosting frozen locks and freezers.

Specification Value
Model No HL1400S
Power Consumption 1400 W
Temperature 240/450 I /min
Heat Setting Fixed

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