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Shrink Machine Indian Tunnel SPS4040

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Shrink Machine Indian Tunnel SPS4040

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The SPS4040 is a specific model of a shrink tunnel machine designed for packaging and shrink-wrapping applications in the Indian market. It is equipped with advanced technology to efficiently and effectively seal and shrink various types of packaging materials, such as plastic films and bags. The "SPS4040" model designation likely indicates its specifications, such as its dimensions or capacity.

The SPS4040 shrink tunnel is designed to handle different sizes and types of products, providing a secure and professional packaging solution. It employs heat to shrink the packaging material tightly around the product, offering protection, tamper-evidence, and enhancing the overall presentation.

Key features of the SPS4040 shrink tunnel may include precise temperature control, adjustable conveyor speed, compatibility with different shrink films, and user-friendly controls. Its compact design and versatility make it suitable for various industries, such as food, beverage, cosmetics, and more.

In summary, the SPS4040 shrink tunnel is an Indian-specific model designed to efficiently shrink-wrap and seal products using heat, offering secure and visually appealing packaging solutions.

Specification Value
Model No SPS4040
Conveyor Length 8 feet
Chamber Size 40 inch
Conveyor Speed Variable Speed
Blower Double Browse Motor
Window Size 16
Exit Cooling Cooling Fun
Motor 1 HP AC Motor
Blowser Motor 1440RPM to 1440 RPM AC Motor
Heater 12-14 K.W.
Insulation Glass Wool Sheet 2.5
Temperature Controller Digital temperature 0 to 300 Degree
Power 3 Phase (440V)
Conveyor Roller

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