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Shrink Machine L-Sealer Conveyor SPS 5045

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Shrink Machine L-Sealer Conveyor SPS 5045

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A machine that automatically cuts, seals, and delivers items for heat-shrink packing is called the L-Sealer Conveyor SPS 5045. After setting the item down on the table, the operator just presses a button to start wrapping. The item is then automatically transported to the conveyor, which transports it to the heat shrink tunnel for packing when the machine has finished cutting and sealing the film.

Almost all industrial settings are suited for this equipment thanks to its adaptability. It transports small, squishy, or irregularly shaped goods effortlessly and without hurting them because it is comprised of high-quality raw materials. The conveyor's speed can be changed in accordance with the type of product being transported to ensure uniform packaging speed throughout the process.

1.The speed control system makes sure that the packaging speed remains constant throughout the procedure.

2. Depending on the product, the conveyor's speed can be changed.

3. Made with premium raw materials.

4. It can transport fragile, irregularly shaped, or small things without causing damage.

Specification Value
Model SPS5045LC
Packing Speed 800-1200 pcs./hr
Max. Packing Dimension mm (L*W*H) 450*400*300
Max. Sealing Dimension mm (L*W) 500*450
Body Type Powder Coated (M. S. Type)
Voltage AC 220v, 50HZ
Power 1.2kw
Dimensions mm (L*W*H) 1560 * 757* 1040
Weight (kg) 110kg

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