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Shrink Machine Tunnel SPS 2012

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Shrink Machine Tunnel SPS 2012

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The heated shrink tunnel S.P.S. 2012 can be utilised for both automatic and semi-automatic packaging. It is made to be used with the heat-shrinking method of package wrapping. The device uses a conveyor and heat to keep the tunnel chamber at a consistent temperature. Heat causes the plastic molecules to cluster together, which decreases the material's initial surface area and produces a tight, secure seal.

This shrink tunnel is extensively utilised in many different businesses, including those that produce food, office supplies, hardware, consumables, and chemical goods. It offers primary barrier defence for sweets, food, and beverages.

The S.P.S. 2012 shrink tunnel contains a number of features, including temperature controls, customizable conveyor speed systems, and heating element coils that provide even heat distribution throughout the tunnel. To avoid sealing mistakes and shield operators from damage, a magnetic switch is offered. Depending on the size of the cartons packaged, the feeding position can be changed. Overall, the S.P.S. 2012 shrink tunnel is a practical and efficient method for producing tamper-resistant packaging for a range of industries.

1. Heat is distributed evenly across the tunnel by heating element coils.

2. Systems with variable conveyor speeds.

3. Controlling the temperature to achieve effective heat shrinking.

4. Magnetic switch to safeguard operators and stop sealing errors.

5. A feeding position that can be adjusted to fit various carton sizes.

Specification Value
Model SPS2012
Packing Size in mm 200*120
Conveyor Speed 0-8mt/min.
Conveying Weight 5kg
No. Of Heaters 5
Power Supply(V/Hz) AC 220v, 50HZ
Power Consumption 2.4kw
Dimensions (mm) 700 * 440* 410
Weight (kg) 30kg

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