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Shrink Machine Tunnel SPS4525

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Shrink Machine Tunnel SPS4525

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A thin plastic film can be used to safely wrap products using the SPS4525 shrink tunnel, which is especially useful in the pharmaceutical and agro-based industries. This machine is simple to use; all that is needed is to set the temperature appropriately for the film being used, feed the product through the tunnel to be wrapped, and then release it at the other end.

The machine's sturdy body is built to ensure lifespan and durability. It also uses less power, making it a cost-effective option for enterprises. The process is accurately maintained in temperature thanks to the digital/deviation thermostatic heat control system.

With variable and preset conveyor speeds to handle various product sizes and shapes, the SPS4525 shrink tunnel is user-friendly. This machine is a dependable option for companies needing effective and secure packaging because of its quick and smooth functioning.

1. Quick and efficient performance

2. Sturdy body for longevity

3. Minimal power usage

4. A digital or variable thermostatic heating system

5. Easy-to-use functionality

6. Conveyor speeds that can be adjusted to handle various product sizes and shapes.

Specification Value
Model SPS4525
Tunnel Size in mm (W*H) 450*250
Voltage 220v/440v/50Hz
Power Consumption 6.5kw
Conveyor Loading 15kg
Heating Furnace (mm) 900*450*250
Speed 0-10 M/Min.
Heating Time 10Min
Cooling Time 15 Min
Dimensions (mm) 1200*610*1000
Weight 90kg

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