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Shrink Machine Web Sealer SPSWS 4216

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Shrink Machine Web Sealer SPSWS 4216

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Web sealer machines are often made for carton packaging. To make the cartoon package sturdy and resistant to the hard handling of the machines, it offers waterproof coatings. The web sealer with shrink tunnel makes use of easily adjustable adhesive tapes and films to guarantee a secure sealing of the package from top to bottom.

The body, channel sets, filter assembly, and rollers of the web sealer machine were manufactured. For effective and satisfying output, the machine's height can be modified in accordance with the dimensions of the package that needs to be sealed.

1. Speed is increased to 6 to 8 bags per minute.

2. The bag or carton can be manually or mechanically fed onto the feeder conveyor.

3. The apparatus has a PLC-controlled system.

4. The web sealer has a geared motor that powers a pre-pulling mechanism for both packing rolls.

5. A strong and durable framework.

6. Sensor-Based Technology is also included in the machine for sealing purposes.

7. Two sealers are offered to completely secure the package by sealing both sides.

8. A digital temperature controller is offered to improve machine performance.

9. Belt Conveyor to make package transportation simpler.

10. A decrease in energy losses.

Specification Value
Model No. SPSWS4216
Chamber Size in inch 42*20*16
Machine Size in inch 132*28*75
Web sealer in inch 24*16
Power Supply 3Ph N
Power Consumption 10kw/14HP (17 AMP)
Speed Variable (DC. Drive)
Moc M.S. Powder Coated
Motor 0.5HP DC

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