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Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine DZQ 400

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Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine DZQ 400

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The term "Single Chamber DZQ 400" in this context refers to a particular design of floor-type vacuum packing machine intended for the packaging of goods in a vacuum-sealed environment. Dajiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is the firm that makes this specific model.

High-performance vacuum packaging equipment like the Single Chamber DZQ 400 can package a variety of goods, including food, electronics, and industrial components. There can only be one product packed at a time because of its single chamber construction.

Due to its cutting-edge features and dependable performance, this model is regarded as one of the best floor type hoover packing machines available. In order to preserve the quality and freshness of the product being packaged, it is fitted with a strong vacuum pump that generates a strong vacuum and removes all the air from the packaging bag.

A special sort of floor-type vacuum packing machine called the Single Chamber vacuum packing machine DZQ 400 is intended for packaging goods in a vacuum-sealed setting. Vacuum packing machines, however, come in a variety of styles with varying functionality and aesthetics.

Single chamber vacuum packaging machines are capable of automatically completing the entire vacuum extraction, gas flushing (if desired), sealing, cooling, and exhaust programmes.

Products can be kept from oxidising after being packaged using single vacuum packaging equipment.

Specification Value
Model No. DZQ-400
Chamber Single Fibre
Voltage (V/Hz) 220/50
Sealing Power 500w
Sealing Width 10mm
Sealing Position Of Vacuum Chamber 2
Vacuum Chamber Bulk in mm (L*W*H) 440*420*100
Sealing Length in mm 400
Air Charging Volume For Vacuum Pump 20m3/hr
Material For Vacuum Case Fibre
Dimension in mm (L*W*H) 540*480*1010
Weight 110kg

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