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Single Thread Bag Closing Machine LPI

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Single Thread Bag Closing Machine LPI

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A single-thread bag closing machine, also known as an LPI (Limeira Industrial) bag closer, is a type of sewing machine used for closing bags or sacks. It is commonly used in industries such as agriculture, food processing, and packaging.

The LPI bag closing machine is designed to efficiently and securely close bags by stitching them with a single thread. It typically uses a specially designed thread that is strong and durable to ensure the bag remains closed during transportation and storage.

Single Thread Bag Packing Machine For any Bag or Sack ,Chemical Bag, Food Industry, Sugar Bag , Grain Industries like Rice, Wheat , Flour Mills.


1. Single-thread stitching.

2.Portable and lightweight.

3.Manual or semi-automatic operation.

4.High-speed stitching.

5.Versatile stitching patterns.

6.Easy maintenance.

7.Durability and reliability.

Specification Value
Material any sacks and bags
Model Name/Number DDR single thread
Capacity 1600-1800 stitches /min
Weight 5 to 6 kg
Voltage 220-250V 1.3 Amps, 8000 rpm AC Motor
Dimension Width 30 cm Height 30 cm Depth 33 cm
Width 30cm
Brand LPI
Pitch- 7.2mm

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